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On 3.74

Dudes, have you seen JACOB’S LADDER? It’s this really cool film and it totally inspired my favorite horror game, SILENT HILL. I think it’s more of a brain-fuck film rather than a horror film, you know? It’s just really great, you should check it out. I got inspired with the whole shaky head thing the director did (he was apparently the first one who did it). He put the video in slow shutter and he’d record it, then play it in fast forward, creating this super freaky psycho head shake that made my heart jump when I first saw it.

I was with my friend and we were out drinking, I asked her to stand in the middle of the parking lot and asked her to shake her head for me. She got a headache, but I got the results I wanted. Anyway, I told Billy about it and I wondered if Billy could write something scary, instead we got something that’s not. It’s great though, I mean just by looking at the creepy picture, you’d assume that you’d put horror stuff in it. Billy is a smart dude!

Anyway, if you are a photography newbie, please check out Henri Cartier-Bresson. He is CRAZY good! He would only take pictures with prime lens, and he’d frame/compose directly. He would NEVER crop. What a guy. I wish I could be like him! That’s why I do everything with prime lens in black and white nowadays. (That, and my kit lens are fucked up. Don’t ask. It just stopped working all of a sudden) It’s fun, it’s manual focus so it’s more exciting! You should try it!

That’s all for now!

– Inri


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