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Tis been long, amigos!

Ola. It is time to post here once again. I’m guessing we don’t really have updates for you guys so no new posts? Anyway, how are you all liking the new TSOF posts? 😀 Are they good? Do they make you feel sexy? Comments are awesome! You can post a comment without signing up!

Anyway, since I have no updates for you guys, I will just tell you something about the BANNER! Yes, the ultra dark cloudy horizon banner thingie that you see on top of the main page of TSOF. I actually had to climb THIS WATER TANK (which was featured on a recent TSOF post) to take that picture. My legs were shaking when I got to the top and most of the pictures I took were not oriented properly. This one was a lucky shot though! Tadaaaa! Oh my goodness. Useless info. Anyway, hope you guys visit often! Cheers! – Inri


2 responses to “Tis been long, amigos!

  1. Fan ⋅

    Hey, I really admire your work. I’ve made a link to your page in my site. WOW. You guys are utterly amazing. My favorite is the one with the roses (…the fall of lovers breaking hearts) 😀 Anyway, I hope you continue posting them webcomics. They get better and better.

  2. tsofcomic ⋅

    We thank you for linking us! That was for mother’s day, actually. I saw the day old roses and I just had to take a picture. Cheers, Leslie! – Inri

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