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FRIENDS! Meet our friends!

Oh my goodness. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN AWESOME! Thanks for all the views. You guys should know, though, that we also have kick-ass friends! (Yes, believe it or not we have other friends) I will link you guys! So, yes, MEET OUR FRIENDS!

Christine – Her article recently got published on TRAVELIFE. She’s such an awesome writer. Her blog includes her unedited stuff! Be sure to check those out. You can read it HERE. (Maybe I can convince her to move to wordpress? lol)

Daisy – Ahh who could not love Daisy? A very fine arteest with stuff you can read that are also very fine. Her words would always punch holes on the side of my head and my thoughts would pour out properly. I think I got a clog somewhere there. Yes, fine reading right HERE, yo.

Ms. BeanFarmer – If you guys don’t know her yet, shame on you. Go shave your nose hair. View pictures that put TSOF to shame HERE!

Today’s Trash by TQ – If only I was as good as TQ. Check out Supernova, that’s crazy shit right there man. I don’t even know how he comes up with stuff like that. View his wordpress HERE!

Special mention to Arvie, Lia, Bea, Migi, and oh everyone else who have been linking us! IF ONLY I HAD ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY YOU ALL ICE CREAM, I WOULD. GRACIAS. – Inri


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