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My dear friend KAT made us this KICK-ASS banner. Now you guys can link us and go, “Man, this banner is so sexy. TIS NOT LIKE THE OLD ONE!”

Copy paste this to your blog! (HTML enabled)

<a href=”; ><img class=””aligncenter”” src=”; alt=”” width=”300″ height=”150″ /></a>

HUZZAH! – Inri

EDIT: You can’t copy paste it directly because the quotations fuck up for some reason. Just fix them and make sure that is inside the quotations and that they don’t face a certain way. (Like they’re plain quotation marks. Not open and/or close quotations. It’s hard to explain but the HTML fucks up because of that.) In any case, just right click and copy image location then post it in your blog I guess. Then link to so people don’t have to type anymore, they will just click the image. HASSLEHOFF. WordPress is weird like that for some reason.


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