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To our dear readers!

BIG THANKS to everyone! WordPress has this really cool stats thingie that can show us how people view our site. We know when you guys link us on your blogs! (Oh noes! Tis not a secret zomg)  We can’t thank you enough. Aww, man, you guys are so awesome. We’re really sorry if we slowed down with the posts. We’ve been trying real hard to do strips but there are a few obstacles blocking our path.

Anyway, my dear friend Kat promised me she’d make us a better banner. I mean, our old banner was a cheapo one (Sorry, lads! Was never good with them banner for serious reals) You can use the new banner so you can link us and we’d look cool! I mean the old school way of just posting the URL is fine too if you’re not into the whole HTML thing.

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE. By the way, the 50TH POST is for our good friend Lia. Thank you so much for supporting TSOF! CHEERS! We’re actually on 50 now. Hahaha. Wooottt – Inri


One response to “To our dear readers!

  1. Lia ⋅

    Oh dear, I am busted! hahaha 🙂

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