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Flash back!

I was checking out Daisy’s wordpress and her “o hai” page included a picture of her. So I was thinking, yeah, maybe we should post a not-so-in-yer-face-picture of us too in our about just so we can prove to people that we are real and not just virus from the Matrix. Oh wait, I just remembered that BILLY AND I DON’T HAVE A PICTURE TOGETHER! Crazy.

She has a picture with my Metallica t-shirt, though. I remember lending it to her one stormy night (Yeah, it was stormy. In fact, that storm killed the lights here for about a week) We were with friends and we be desperate for alcohol, air-conditioning, and a place THAT DOES NOT RESEMBLE JUMANJI. Anyway, we stayed in a friend’s house cause they had electricity and food and ice cream (I think) for some reason.

I saw her again in school a couple of days later and she said she wanted to return my t-shirt. I told her that she can keep it! She sent me that picture a couple of months ago when she realized that WE DON’T HAVE A PICTURE TOGETHER. Oh my goodness, that’s just crazy. – Inri


7 responses to “Flash back!

  1. mentalfuckery ⋅


    I’m so yellow.


  2. daisychained ⋅

    it’s kind of like we’re graffiti writers, inri.
    we have alter-egos and it’s okay for people to see our faces (sometimes), but we just have to continue being low profile about it and keep our identities separate.

  3. daisychained ⋅

    oh wait. graffiti writers. whoops there goes my cover. haha.

  4. daisychained ⋅

    oh and i changed the picture to make it less in-your-face and more of… in-my-back. wahahaha late nights make me silly.

  5. beanfarmer ⋅

    we could make a photo of the two of you like one of those really lame flash movies in albinoblacksheep and upload it here, and it’s even better, cos you could have a unicorn’s body, which will make you look like a horse.

  6. daisychained ⋅

    and we can name it charlie

  7. tsofcomic ⋅

    I want my face on a banana. Pao-nut butter jelly time!

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