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Symmetry Divine!

Post #41 is awesome! Awesome enough that I’ve nothing to do with it! (Not that I’m complaining, the picture is que kick-ass!) Billy’s starting to learn the ways of the force, and this shot just proves how much she has learned in such a short span of time. I mean, look at that shot! It’s totally cool how everything is placed equally. You could even see blurred water droplets! The writing, as usual, is superb and that’s something I can’t do even if I tried. The new header for The Billy and Inri Show is also by Billy!

On to other friends, Ms. Bean Farmer has a new post with a lovely review of Zadie Smith’s book, “On Beauty”. Also, new post from Today’s Trash! Que comic bazzah. – Inri


One response to “Symmetry Divine!

  1. tsofcomic ⋅

    Please don’t mind Inri, I’ll have you know that he does the painstaking task of setting up the strips and maintaining the whole website (which I can never ever find the patience to do).

    And please stay tuned for the real Secrets of Flight.

    That’s coming really really soon.


    – Billy

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