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Why, hallo thar.

We have a new comic! We are currently on our 39th post. Oh noes!

I was chatting with a friend and I thanked her for putting comments on a bunch of posts. She said she only posted now cause she didn’t know that you can post without an account. SO TO SETTLE THINGS, yes, you can post without having a wordpress account. We love comments! Or, well, I love comments and I’m just speaking for Billy. We touch ourselves silly every time you say that our comics are made of awesome and sexy. For serious.

Anyway, Billy’s friend TQ has his own site! You can visit it HERE! I highly recommend it, the art is kick-ass and the writing is divine! I am running out of awesome words to use for his site, just visit it and drool. Also, visit Ms. Bean Farmer‘s site HERE. Yes, them pictures are worth stealing. (Oh noes, Michelle don’t click on that site!) The blogs are worth reading as well!

Ping back is awesome, yes? Ping ping ping… – Inri


3 responses to “Why, hallo thar.

  1. beanfarmer ⋅

    haha, thank you! y’knw, i think it’ll be exciting to have someone steal my photos, because my sister just passed the bar exams last march and i’m currently unemployed! fancy that

  2. tsofcomic ⋅

    I’d steal your photos. It wont do you any good though. I’d make it my wallpaper and no one else will see it.

    Congratulations to Ate Bob!

    I just remembered, your other sister’s name is Billy, right?

    – Billy

  3. beanfarmer ⋅

    yes! pero billie. mas manly ka. ahahay

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