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Gay Break

My experimental cooking got a thumbs up today. Now all I have to do is to learn how to keep my closet organized to be fully domesticated. Man, I wish I were back in Manila. Having all your chores covered is such a blessing. Like even having a glass of water delivered to you as you type your mind away on the computer, for instance. Or having your clothes washed and pressed for you, free of charge! (The parentals pay anyway). Now if I say I want fried chicken for dinner, it wont magically appear on the table. I have to walk all the way to Golden Cheng, the nearest Chinese take-out, where nothing is really as good as your standard home-cooked meal. If I had that  help here, I’d be able to read more and practice my writing.

Dun dun dunnn. Friday laxed days are the best. I get to check all my bookmarks.

I love webcomics.

And I just realized that today.

My idols are just fucking brilliant! Brilliant, I tell you!

Tell me, why do I work in Fashion again?


Oh yeah, to be the geek everybody picks on.


I love webcomics!



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