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Ola, friends!

I made a cheapo banner thingie for TSOF in case you guys want to post it wherever! The picture is from our FIRST POST. Everybody seems to like that post! Anyway, a lot of people have been asking for the banner *coughonefriendcough*

It looks like this!:

Here’s the code!:

<center><a href=””><IMG SRC=”; title=”The Secrets of Flight Webcomic” /></a></center>

If you don’t want it to be centered, just remove the <center> at the start and the </center> at the end. If you’re going to post this, comment here or something so we can link your website or whatever back! Cheers, and thank you! – Inri


2 responses to “Ola, friends!

  1. maxine ⋅

    hello! i was surfing the net and i stumbled upon tsof. i love your work! 🙂 i also linked it on my multiply account. i hope you don’t mind 🙂

  2. tsofcomic ⋅

    Oh my goodness! How flattering. Stumble upon is such a lovely tool. We don’t mind at all! Thank you! 😀 – Inri

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