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The Dark Knight

Viral marketing = genius. Man, I’ve been waiting ever since they launched (I remember my friend showed it to me and it still had the timer!) Anyway, I just saw the movie and I would have to say that it is fucking amazing. And by adding “fucking” it makes it cooler. (Billy and I had a conversation about using that word and it was funny. More about that later!)

Let’s talk about Heath Ledger. He is crazy. I like how he delivered. I messaged a lot of people so I can brag about how I watched the movie really early (I’m a geek like that, yo) and they all ask me, “Oscar? Deserving or not?” I say, nay! Not because he sucks, but because he has make-up on? I don’t want to be an asshole critic, but he barely had to put up a face because of how he looked. He was freakin’ crazy, I’m telling you, but it wasn’t oscar material. Well, maybe. I will watch it again to make sure!  (Tomorrow! Or the day after that. I am such a fan-boy)

The movie was long and smooth and I told everyone that it was the sex, but if you want me to be more specific… MULTIPLE O’s! Man, I don’t even know what part was the climax cause there was too many! IT WAS THAT GOOD. WATCH IT. NOW. Also, eat and pee before you watch. I had to pee once and I ran to the bathroom cause I really didn’t want to miss anything. Le sigh.

Anyway, on to off-topic stuff. This is about a comic that we will post soon. Conversation with Billy:

Inri: Okay. How do you separate the words?

Billy: [blahblah]… we’d all be masters of the universe.

Billy: Or masters of the fucking universe. Do you like the fucking?

Billy: HAHAHAHA. I didn’t mean it that way. Nevermind, you understood me.

Inri: Oh, I like the fucking very much hahaha.

Lesson for today: Be careful how you put “fucking” in a sentence. Also, watch Dark Knight. – Inri


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