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Tis fun watching psychological thrillers. My friends and I watched Jacob’s Ladder the other day and it was awesome! (We’re also fans of Silent Hill) The shaky head thing was so cool. Wonder if the dude’s saying yes or no? ARE YOU ALIVE??? [que shakey head] What? I can’t understand you? I go crazy for serious! Oh noes!

You guys should also watch The Machinist. I’m surprised Christian Bale didn’t get any awards for the movie. That’s all for now! Cheers! – Inri


3 responses to “Movies!

  1. Seconded on The Machinist recommendation. Completely amazing and disturbing.

  2. tsofcomic ⋅

    I like all the little details in the movie that make it crazy. Like how the clock is always stuck at 1:30! – Inri

  3. tsofcomic ⋅

    That man is just all forms of droolery. He had an apple + coffee diet for that role. Hmmm. Wanna try it with me?

    – Billy

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