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Re: Michelle

Billy messaged the girl nicely and asked her to give credit to TSOF and Billy’s photographer friend (she tags her images with a ZN.ART watermark) but Michelle didn’t! I mean, we’ve the right to be angry now (I thought it was funny and flattering-ish lol) instead, she turned her messaging to 3rd degree friends only. We’re in luck, though! I’m in 3rd degree! (for some reason) Anyway, I was thinking of messaging her, but then Billy and I decided that we we won’t anymore. I will just follow my friend’s advice! He said that if we become well-known, everyone will know that she stole it from us. (He gives awesome advice!)

I guess it’s time for me to ask for everyone’s help? If you totally dig our site, please tell your friends about us! Link to your multiply or wherever! Our website is called The Secrets of Flight and the link is ! Thank you, friends! By the way, if you’re an artist, check out CREATIVE COMMONS. – Inri


And by nicely, it was nothing like the post below. – Billy


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