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Dude, we’re “famous”?

Dear Michelle,

You have a great profile page! The comic and other pictures seem oddly familiar though. Even the profile content and captions of your photos!
Tell me, Michelle, where do you get such creativity? Is it innate? Cause you know, my buddy and I make comics too. Do you think we can collaborate sometime? Here’s our link: or The Secrets of Flight.

Also we’re starting this little project with a photographer friend in Las Vegas. She goes by ZN.ART! (It’s destiny! You go by!) Her work is very much like yours. Her talent is quite impressive, almost at your creative level! Maybe you can also do some shots with our in-house model, Arvie. She’s also a make-up artist if you want some tips. Sadly though, she isn’t a miracle worker. So maybe we should wait until Inri here finishes his doctor’s degree. Plastic surgeons get the top dollar, yo.
I believe that you’ll learn a lot from us as we can from you – like the fact that we give credit where credit is due.
Would love to hear your reply! Here’s to waking up on the wrong side of the bed, lah!


Billy and Inri


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