Finishing What I Start

Hello all,

TSOF is somehow back after a year and a half long hiatus! Unfortunately, I’ll be the only one managing the site for now because Inri is out on a mission to learn how to save the world (while I was gone only to save myself).  I’m sure he’ll be back in no time, though. But I hope everyone will like the pictures I’ll take!

Here’s to hoping for more inspiration.



Hello, people from Tumblr

Thanks for reposting our stuff! I know we haven’t updated in ages, but we will soon. We’re busy preparing for post #100. Guess what? Billy’s back in the country. We still need to meet up, though. Except new posts le soon. – Inri

P.S. Billy told me before I should never apologize for late posts but I feel like we really haven’t posted in ages. By the way, we’re on Facebook, look us up!